In 2019, COVAL launched its first CVGC carbon vacuum gripper, designed for collaborative robots, when the market was just beginning to exist. Now, in a market that is constantly expanding, COVAL is launching a second generation, optimizing its modularity and compatibility while simultaneously enhancing its performance.

More than a simple update, COVAL has redesigned the CVGC carbon vacuum gripper based on feedbackSource: COVALSource: COVAL from customers, integrators, manufacturers and operators. This new generation also takes into account current and future trends in the collaborative robot market: greater application diversity, growth in the number of manufacturers, increased co-presence with operators and handling of heavier loads.

In response to these changes, COVAL has developed a CVGC which, thanks to its multiple configuration possibilities, is highly versatile. Each customer can configure “their” carbon vacuum gripper to suit their precise needs. The CVGC is available in three sizes (240 mm x 120 mm, 320 mm x 160 mm, 350 mm x 250 mm), two types of gripping interface (foam or suction cups) and with or without an integrated vacuum generator.

The CVGC is available with a choice of three mounting options and six connecting cables. This makes it perfectly compatible with all major brands of cobots.

COVAL’s CVGC carbon vacuum gripper is now equipped with a multi-stage vacuum pump, synonymous with increased power. The increased power of the vacuum pump, combined with the lightness of the carbon fiber casing that is 2.5 times lighter than steel with six times greater strength, means the gripper can carry heavier loads.

In this way, it meets an increasingly widespread demand from manufacturers, and contributes to the CVGC's versatility.

The CVGC is designed to collaborate with operators while performing separate, simultaneous or alternating tasks. As a safety precaution the vacuum gripper is equipped with a guard around the edges made of flexible, resistant material to protect the operator in case any contact with it occurs.

The various functions of the CVGC vacuum gripper (display, vacuum generator, vacuum gauge, silencer, or connectors) are housed in a casing that protects them from impact and damage.

A wide range of applications
With its ultra-light vacuum gripper, COVAL can transform any collaborative robot into a tool for increasing productivity and workplace health in a wide range of industries: food processing, packaging, plastics or processing. On request, COVAL’s design team is also available to develop customized vacuum grippers.
The CVGC constitutes a versatile tool available to all manufacturers, integrators and users of cobots for palletizing, gripping boxes or plastic parts, and a wide variety of other applications.

Qualities that make the difference

• Compatible with most cobots for all applications.

Compactness and lightness
• Less weight and greater lifting capacity.

• Cobots and humans safely and confidently share workspace

• Productivity is secured.

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