CO2Meter, a manufacturer of gas detection safety and analytical solutions, announces the release of its new GasLab industrial gas detection safety series designed to monitor across a broad range of gas types and concentrations across multiple industries. The highly anticipated industrial gas safety series will further provide partners and customers with the ability to protect employees and their facilities when working near both toxic and hazardous gases as well as in explosive environments such as zones 1 and 2. Whether customers are looking to accurately monitor multiple gas types, program custom configurations, integrate with a building maintenance system (BMS), gain real-time wireless communication or meet stringent safety standards this is the ideal solution.

Source: CO2MeterSource: CO2Meter

The industrial gas detection series is also modularly designed for easy integration and custom configurability. In addition to meeting the ATEX standards, solutions such as the Gaslab Fixed Combustible Detector, hold both ignition protection and IP66 class rating to operate in high humidity, explosion and wash-down conditions. These solutions can operate independently or as part of a larger networked control system giving users the advanced ability to integrate up to 128 gas sensors seamlessly from one fixed gas detection controller. This series is also designed to provide frequent and accurate measurements, allowing users the security of knowing real-time audible and visual alarms will activate to notify of unsafe conditions before a potential gas hazard occurs. These safety solutions further aid in helping prevent accidents, mitigating risks, and ensuring the safety of workers and the public.

The GasLab industrial fixed gas detector series also encompasses a wide array of features that allows customers the ability to configure their sensors to meet their applications needs, communicate wirelessly, data transmission, multiple outputs including a 4 mA to 20 mA, hard wiring to ensure constant power, user configurable settings and more.

It comes as no surprise that CO2Meter continues to remain diligent in addressing the urgent needs of partners across the globe. In today’s increasingly dynamic industrial landscape, it’s important to be able to provide immediate indication should a potential gas hazard occur. By providing early detection and continuously monitoring the air for the presence of gas, personnel can evacuate or take appropriate measures to mitigate risks and protect themselves. With the new industrial fixed gas detector series, these devices will act as a safeguard in industrial settings such as petrochemical, oil and gas, restaurant and beverage, agriculture, poultry, manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications to name a few.

CO2Meter’s newly expanded GasLab industrial fixed gas detector series will provide customers with a more comprehensive view of all their gas types and concentrations and act as a critical tool to meet code compliance, conformities and safety requirements.

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