York, a manufacturer of cooling and heating products, has announced the launch of the YORK YMAE 575 V air-to-water inverter scroll modular heat pump for use in Canada.

The high-efficiency heat pump is now available in a 575 V model and is compliant with the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) requirements for pressurized equipment in certain provinces.

Source: YorkSource: York

Building upon the YORK Amichi platform, the YMAE 575 V features variable speed electronic vapor injection (EVI) scroll technology to expand heating capacities. Available in two- and four-pipe configurations, the YMAE 575 V can deliver 60° C (140° F) water in heating capacities up to 443 MBH while in heating-only mode, and 546 MBH during simultaneous heating and cooling using recovered energy. The YMAE 575 V also utilizes the low-GWP refrigerant R-454B to help reduce emissions.

With a flexible, modular design, the YMAE 575 V provides an energy-efficient solution that is compatible with a wide range of applications including offices, schools, healthcare facilities and multi-unit residential buildings. This modularity simplifies installation and provides added design flexibility. Up to four modules can be factory-kitted to expand capacities while maintaining a minimal footprint.

The YORK YMAE 575 V air-to-water inverter scroll modular heat pump is part of the OpenBlue platform of connected equipment.

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