AZCO Corporation has acquired S-Y-M Products Company, a manufacturer and distributor of automatic tube coiling machines. With this move, AZCO has added S-Y-M’s Mini-Winder and other coiling and winding equipment to its already expansive lineup of feeding and cutting machines.

Ideal for assembling and packaging tubing and wire sets, the Mini-Winder increases production output whileSource: AZCO CorporationSource: AZCO Corporation preventing hand and wrist Injuries. The machine counts the number of revolutions required to complete the coil and then stops. Once the machine stops, the pins on which the coil was wrapped lower, enabling operators to slide the coil into a package. Units are also compact, versatile and cleanroom-compatible, able to produce uniform coils three times faster than conventional methods.

The Mini-Winder naturally complements AZCO’s lineup of feeding, cutting and placing products. For example, the Mini-Winder and AZCO PC-25 Tubing Cutter — an automatic benchtop tubing cutter for processing flexible tubing up to 1 inch — creates a quick, efficient process for cutting and coiling flexible and medical tubing.

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