OKW’s award-winning range of MINITEC handheld and wearable electronic enclosures is now larger than ever.

MINITEC — one of many OKW models to win an iF Product Design Award — is ideal for emergency systems, monitoring and alarms, wireless remote control, mobile USB applications and internet of things (IoT)/industrial IoT.

Modern, flat styling makes these attractive, ergonomic housings easy to carry or wear. They comprise twoSource: OKWSource: OKW shells separated by a choice of intermediate rings. These rings enable MINITEC to be fitted to belts, wrist straps, lanyards, key rings or carried loose. Some rings feature slots for USB Type A or micro USB 5 P, B Type SMT connectors.

MINITEC’s two different shapes (rounded D ‘Drop’ and rectangular E ‘Edge’), three sizes and dozens of colored intermediate rings create an impressive array of standard permutations — reducing the need for customization. All Drop enclosures feature a recessed top for a membrane keypad or product label. Edge housings can be specified with or without this recess.

MINITEC is available in sizes S, M and L from 2.01 inches x 1.26 inches x 0.51 inches to 3.07 inches x 1.89 inches x 0.79 inches/0.95 inches/1.02 inches. The top and bottom shells are molded from off-white (RAL 9002) or lava gray ABS (UL 94 HB). Black (RAL 9005) infrared-permeable PMMA (UL 94 HB) is also available for remote control applications.

The intermediate rings are either soft-touch TPE/SEBS, ABS or PMMA. Standard colors include orange, green, blue, black, off-white, lava gray and volcano gray.

Accessories include carrying and wrist straps, a strap eyelet (size EL), lanyard, key ring and a USB end cover. OKW can supply MINITEC fully customized. Services include machining, lacquering, printing, laser marking, decor foils, special materials, radio frequency interference/electromagnetic interference shielding and installation/assembly of accessories.

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