FRIWO, an international manufacturer of technically leading chargers and e-drive solutions, is expanding its existing product portfolio in the field of electromobility with the state-of-the-art MC1.5-55A-48V motor control unit, which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the Asian growth markets.

With a continuous power output of 1.5 kW, the MC1.5-55A-48V targets the specific user needs for 2- and 3-wheel vehicles, particularly in India, Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as generally in Southeast Asia, where FRIWO is already actively preparing for market entry. It ensures high robustness for use under adverse conditions and at high ambient temperatures, thanks to its IP65 protection rating. This makes it the idealSource: FRIWOSource: FRIWO choice for demanding environments.

The flexibility and specially developed firmware of the MC1.5-55A-48V also make it extremely attractive for other target markets. The extensive range of interfaces enables seamless integration into various end applications. This is proven by various technical performance indicators.

The MC1.5-55A-48V operates with a supply voltage of 30 V to 72 V, making it flexible for a wide range of applications. With a motor current of 100 A RMS, it is capable of handling demanding tasks such as hill starts without any problems. In particular, the MC1.5-55A-48V is designed for use with permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), making it the ideal choice for electric scooters, motorcycles and other electric vehicles.

Thanks to the integration of two analog inputs, the MC1.5-55A-48V enables the seamless integration of sensors such as accelerator handles or brakes. At the same time, it offers comprehensive control and configuration options with a total of nine digital inputs. Communication is facilitated via the CAN protocol, ensuring smooth integration into existing systems and networks.

Innovative software package for efficient engine and power control

FRIWO also offers a newly developed software package, the FRIWO Enable Tool, which can now be purchased at the same time as the motor control unit.

The FRIWO Enable Tool is a measurement and calibration software for parameterizing motor controllers and battery management systems. It offers a comprehensive range of functions aimed at enabling the control and optimization of motors. With this application, users can easily update the firmware of their control units to keep them up with the latest developments Additionally, it enables the parameter memory to be read out quickly to ensure rapid integration and commissioning.

Another feature of the Enable Tool is the ability to adjust a wide range of parameters per control unit, allowing the subjective driving experience to be tailored to the customer's wishes and requirements.

By creating securely signed data sets for production and after-sales applications, the Enable Tool ensures compliance with the highest standards of security and integrity. The management of different user roles such as developer, production and service enable efficient control of vehicle projects even in larger organization with a network of partners.

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