A quadruped robot capable of standing up and walking on two of its feet has been developed by LimX Dynamics, a China-based manufacturer of robots.

According to its developers, the W1 quadruped robot features four legs, each of which is activated via a powered wheel on the ends.

Source: LimX DynamicsSource: LimX Dynamics

Further, the W1 can travel on smooth roads, sidewalks and floors by simply rolling on its wheels. In the event the W1 needs to step over an obstacle, travel across rough terrain or climb or descend stairs, the W1 will stop and lock up its wheels.

Those wheels can then serve as feet, enabling the robot to walk. Likewise, the W1 can adopt a human-like stance for performing certain tasks such as delivering or taking packages, which would trigger the W1 to stand up and either walk or roll on its hind legs.

The developers of the W1 also note that the robot, when standing, can rotate 360° on the spot, make 90° turns, navigate between obstacles like shelving units and even alternate from quadruped to biped mode in under one second.

For more on the W1, watch accompanying video, which appears courtesy of LimX Dynamics.

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