Dynamic Conveyor, a developer of conveyor solutions, is participating in NPE 2024, the largest plastics trade show in the Americas. Dynamic Conveyor will be displaying integrated conveyor solutions that foster a new line of thinking for the plastics industry. Located at Booth S26049, Dynamic Conveyor invites attendees to see firsthand the conveyor solutions that position the industrial manufacturers for greater efficiency and growth.
At NPE 2024, held May 6 to May 10 in Orlando, Florida, Dynamic Conveyor is featuring five engineered conveyor solutions with accessories and automations that have proven valuable to the plastics industry.

1. DynaPro — A durable, low-profile conveyor that is an excellent solution for takeout conveyors under presses, or other large equipment where optimizing footprint is critical. Features that include variable speed, reversing, nose bar design for tight transfers and an I/O receptacle for machine integration that are only options on competitive conveyor solutions are standard to the DynaPro. Quality design, components and enhanced features coupled with less than five-day lead times and affordability make this solution the preferred choice for plastics manufacturers attending the show.

2. Hybrid with a radius turn — Hybrid specialty conveyors are custom designed specifically to meet the most demanding conveyance objectives. Some of the most common challenges that require these specialty conveyor solutions include limited space, and delicate product handling where waterfall or nose bar

Source: Dynamic Conveyor CorporationSource: Dynamic Conveyor Corporation transfers between straight conveyors is not suitable. The Hybrid radius turn conveyor featured in the Dynamic Conveyor booth will show how this specialty conveyor can be instrumental in providing product handling around tight curves, optimizing space utilization in the production facility. Its flexible design ensures smooth product flow, enables efficient movement of plastic parts and improves operational efficiency resulting in valuable cost savings.

3. Box filling — This automatic filling system allows for un-attended box filling of parts by weight or count, enabling production to continue uninterrupted 24/7 without the need for human intervention. Plastics manufacturers can use this system, automation and robotics to minimize labor costs and increase output capacity, taking step toward lights out manufacturing.

4. DynaCon — For more than 30 years, this modular conveyor system has been the preferred choice for the plastics industry. One of the most valuable features of this building block conveyor system is reconfigurability. DynaCon Conveyors give manufacturers the key advantage of flexibility to adapt to changing production needs, making its low total cost of ownership second to none. Plant operations can swiftly adjust conveyor configurations and integrate new equipment to accommodate shifts in product specifications or production volumes. No matter what configuration or size of conveyor users start with — flat, vertical or Z configuration — the possibilities for reconfiguration and updates are endless. The booth with feature this system with the wide array of accessories available that can be added to boost productivity

5. Integration — Integrated conveyance systems bring a new level of precision and efficiency to the manufacturing process and will increase productivity. The Dynamic Conveyor booth will feature conveyor systems that can be seamlessly integrated with other conveyance equipment, or upstream/downstream processing equipment. Coupled with a full automation and controls package from Dynamic Conveyor, the possibilities for conveyance automation are limitless.

These featured systems working together will show attendees how they can push the boundaries of what is possible in conveyance for their manufacturing and production operations. Visit Booth S26049 at NPE to explore a new line of thinking for conveyor solutions and to learn more about how Dynamic Conveyor is shaping the future of the plastics industry.

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