A developer of wearable technology for pets, PetPace has developed a new smart collar that may reveal whether or not dogs — and other animals who tend to exhibit behavior changes ahead of an earthquake — can sense earthquakes before humans do.

According to the developers of the device, which is also dubbed PetPace, the biometric dog collar reportedly measures pulse, heart-rate variability, temperature and respiration, while also verifying a dog’s stress level as that real-time data gets sent to PetPace.

Source: PetPaceSource: PetPace

The company suggests that such data might help experts to feel an earthquake ahead of time.

“The idea is that if we can track the behavior and the anxiety levels of animals…and then we use AI and machine learning advanced models to correlate that with geophysical data like earthquakes of different magnitudes,” the team explained

Monitoring animals with such a device might help to save lives, the device's developers suggest, by serving as a potential early warning system

To determine if the PetPace might detect seismic activity, the company is currently monitoring a group of dogs outfitted with the smart collars in Peru, which reportedly experiences 90% of all seismic activity in the world due to its geographical location.

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