Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider Innodisk has taken a pivotal step forward in environmental sustainability with the launch of its latest innovation, the iCAP Air air quality management solution.

Source: InnodiskSource: Innodisk

This technology empowers businesses worldwide to enhance air quality, sustainability and human health. Additionally, business can benefit from monthly AI-generated air quality data report, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Leveraging its expertise in edge computing and software and hardware integration, along with the expertise of its subsidiary Sysinno in air quality detection, Innodisk has achieved the development of the iCAP Air air quality management solution. This approach integrates advanced technology, including the innovative iAeris7 air quality detector from Sysinno, to deliver accuracy in detecting temperature, humidity, fine suspended particles (PM2.5), suspended particles (PM10), carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and total volatile organic compounds. It can also be customized to detect nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and other air quality factors. At the same time, the iAeris7 device is known for its reliability, patented technology and various international certifications, including those from SGS and FCC/CE/RoHS/NCC/BSMI.

The solution also includes the iCAP Air Server, designed to manage large-scale deployment and data from up to 100 air quality detectors, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation, even in complex environments. Additionally, iCAP Air provides a user-friendly air quality management platform, enabling organizations to monitor air quality in real-time via a mobile app or internet browser, receive automatic alerts, and optimize air purification or exhaust ventilation system.

iCAP Air is a comprehensive system that simplifies air quality management for users. It is tailored for medium to large-sized sites or densely populated, enclosed spaces such as medical institutions, smart manufacturing facilities, public transportation hubs, indoor parking facilities and department stores. Innodisk's iCAP Air air quality management technology represents a milestone for all businesses committed to leveraging technology for the greater good of air quality and society.

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