Tech Rim Standards will showcase its end of arm tooling (EOAT) solutions at Automate 2024. A live demonstration will spotlight the products and capabilities of Tech-Effector, an EOAT product line offered by Tech Rim Standards.

Parts include aluminum tubing, cross clamps, end extensions, flange mounts, gripper mounts, sensor mounts, tooling adapters and vacuum cup mounts.

The demonstration assembly under construction. Source: Tech Rim StandardsThe demonstration assembly under construction. Source: Tech Rim Standards

Tech Rim Standards will also present other products and services at Automate 2024, scheduled for May 6 to May 9 in Chicago, Illinois. A major focus will be its CNC machining capabilities, featuring custom-built parts used in many different manufacturing facilities. Tech Rim Standards continues to grow in this area and expand into new manufacturing territory.

Another product line features North American Automotive Metric Standards (NAAMS) parts, which can be ordered directly from the warehouse. These parts will be included in the robot cell demonstration: NAAMS parts used for the demonstration include riser angle brackets, L-blocks, locating pins, pin retainers, shims and spacers, stop blocks, rough locators and rest blocks. All these parts used within the demonstration, regardless of size, show how they all come together to make the system work.

Tech Rim Standards is determined team of engineers, builders, and innovators committed to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing excellence. Customers are provided with standard and custom components to aid in automation and tool building. The world of manufacturing changes constantly, which is why customers rely on Tech Rim Standards for quick solutions and response times to keep projects moving forward.

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