Rosenberg’s new D-series efficiency-boosting airflow guide housing, designed specifically for Rosenberg I-series impellers, increases efficiency by an additional +12%. In normal operation of a 560 mm backward curved fan, this added efficiency can result in nearly $800 in energy savings per year. The guide housing also reduces fan noise by up to 4 dB, making it an excellent choice for air handling units.

Combining the new D-series guide housing with new high-efficiency, low-noise I-series backward curved fans creates significant advantages for original equipment manufacturers and system designers. Depending on fan size and operating point, the new impeller fans alone increase efficiencies by up to 11% whileSource: RosenbergSource: Rosenberg reducing noise levels by more than half compared to older designs.

The Rosenberg I-series volume-flow oriented impeller features aluminum construction with five profiled backward-curved blades providing improved efficiency and less noise than earlier designs or competitive products.

The new I-impeller fan comes standard with Rosenberg Generation 3 or Gen 3+ EC motors, which are 30% more powerful than the Gen 2 equivalent. Gen 3 motors allow for a wide range of input voltages, from 200 V AC to 480 V AC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz. They are 100% speed controllable with integrated motor protection and soft start. ModBus RTU Interface is also integrated.

The motor housing is made of die cast aluminum. Protection class IP54 and insulation class F is standard.

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