SolidRoam, a Finland-based developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, has built an EV roaming hub product that connects EV charging providers to each other through only a single connection point. This scalable, flexible and modular software effectively “democratizes” the charge hub. Now, EV charging providers can connect to each other through a single connection point. The company developed the technology based on the most recent roaming protocol versions and charging technologies, including Open Charging Protocol Interface (OCPI) 2.2.1. There are plans to support protocols such as Plug&Charge and Autocharge to enable a seamless charging experience.

The goal of SolidRoam is that by 2033 drivers can charge at any charge point just by plugging in, as long as they have a contract with any e-mobility service provider. To date, roaming hubs have comprised a closed market. Now, by utilizing the SolidRoam Enterprise OCPI Hub and the de-facto industry standard, “AnySource: SolidRoamSource: SolidRoam company is able to establish its own EV roaming hub or to simplify a company’s internal roaming topology,” said Erkki Tapola, CEO of SolidRoam.

Tapola explained, “SolidRoam provides flexible, modular options for companies to either establish their own OCPI hub business or simplify specific roaming topology. Exponential complexity makes it difficult to manage a growing network of peer-to-peer roaming partners. Every connection can evolve into an expensive potential failure point. If a company oversees many CPOs [charging point operators] and eMSPs [e-mobility service providers], problems can be multiplied.”

An OCPI hub can easily be set up with SolidRoam’s flexible licensing or software-as-a-service (SaaS) options. Experts will oversee updates and maintenance, “allowing you to focus on establishing your hub business and building a comprehensive network of roaming services,” Tapola added.

SolidRoad has engineered a bespoke, centralized hub architecture that simplifies roaming infrastructure. Its technology reduces the number of necessary connections, which, per Tapola, “guarantee a scalable, reliable and cost-effective foundation for your roaming services.”

Companies can become a comprehensive charging network provider with their own OCPI roaming hubs. The service simplifies EV fleet management and opens public-private collaboration.

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