In today’s rapidly evolving automotive industry, characterized by vehicles increasingly packed with electrical sensors and controllers, the proprietary composite technology of the Rubore Washer from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides the ultimate protection against corrosion and leakage.

Reliable sealing for vehicle electrical systems

Ideal wherever screws and bolts are used, the Rubore Washer is constructed using advanced processing technologies. Rubber is vulcanized to both sides of the carrier metal to produce a practically indestructible three-layer laminate from which washers of various diameters and thickness are stamped.

Source: Trelleborg Sealing SolutionsSource: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Axel Weimann, director global segment automotive at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, said: “The sensitive electronics of today’s cars must be optimally protected from external influences such as temperature, dirt, rain, snow or road salt.

"The plain washer is installed around half a billion times a day in new vehicles worldwide. But the Rubore Washer is unique, adapting flexibly to surfaces thanks to its rubber layers. Even if the metal countersurface has tiny scratches or cavities, the external rubber layer overcomes and seals these surface imperfections.”

Optimal solutions for vehicle batteries

The Rubore Washer is suitable wherever electrical sensors, control units or battery systems are enclosed in bolted housings, which have a clear advantage over bonded or welded alternatives due to recycling requirements and repairs. The insulating rubber layers of Rubore Washer prevent various types of corrosion induced by metal-to-metal contact.

The Rubore Washer is proven to perform in the harshest environments, resisting corrosion to meet the toughest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements.

It is particularly effective at protecting the battery packs of electric cars, which require numerous screws or bolts. The screw seals must operate reliably in tough conditions including extreme temperatures, precipitation and road salt exposure. The Rubore Washer seals by fully covering the screwhead and eliminating direct contact to the housing surface.

This effectively prevents moisture, contaminants and corrosive agents from entering the battery housing, maintaining performance while eliminating safety hazards and minimizing corrosion.

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