A new type of vaccine developed by researchers from the Royal Berkshire Hospital in the U.K. promises to prevent the reoccurrence of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for a period of roughly nine years.

The new oral spray-based vaccine MV140, dubbed Uramune, was trialed on 89 patients — a combination of both men and women who often experience UTIs.

According to the researchers, Uramune, which was developed by a Spanish pharmaceutical company called Immunotek, is comprised of four bacterial species in a suspension with pineapple-flavored water.

To stave off UTIs, the researchers suggest that patients spray the substance under their tongues daily for a period of three months.

Based on the team’s findings, the spray vaccine reportedly prevented UTIs in over half (54%) of the patients who received their initial treatment nine years earlier. Further, the patients who reported having a UTI suggested that they were less severe and simply treated by drinking plenty of water.

If the vaccine is made more readily available, the researchers suggest it could potentially reduce the need for antibiotic treatments, and thus reduce antibiotic resistance.

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