GE Appliances has introduced a new line-up of five top load washing machines under the GE and Hotpoint brands that makes cold water washing more effective. The new Cold Plus cycle optimizes cold water washing to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint and save money on utilities, without sacrificing wash performance.

More than 90% of the energy used by a washing machine to clean a large load in hot water is used to heat the water, yet GE Appliances found that fewer than 1 in 4 laundry cycles are done in cold water today, leaving energy savings on the table.

Source: GE AppliancesSource: GE Appliances

As such, these new machines increase agitation time to accommodate the lower wash temperature and optimize performance, providing a deep clean while being gentle on clothes. The built-in true dual action agitator independently guides clothes down the middle of the machine through water while the base gently agitates clothing along the bottom, rinsing clothes free from detergent and fabric softener, stubborn soils, pet hair, lint and more and pushing them out to the side.

“The trifecta of washing machine performance is thermal, mechanical and chemical inputs,” said David Wilson, senior commercial director of clothes care at GE Appliances. “With this line-up, we reimagined the mechanical action, or agitation time, during the cycle to offset the lower water temperature. And we recommend that consumers use a high-quality detergent, like Tide, formulated for cold to maximize the chemical component. Washing in cold water not only saves consumers money and energy, but it has the potential to have a massive influence on our environment if just half of the warm and hot wash cycles moved to cold.”

In fact, if 50% of all hot and warm wash cycles in top load washers in the U.S. moved to cold, that would be enough to power Las Vegas Strip for 9 years, the company claims. And according to GE Appliances’ detergent partner, Procter & Gamble, if 3 in 4 consumers switched to cold water by 2030, 27 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions could be avoided.

Other features and benefits of this line-up include:

  • Flexibility: On each machine, users have a variety of options to customize their wash. Beyond Cold Plus, they can also select Cold, Mild and Warm and Auto, Low, Medium, High and Max for the water level.
  • Customization: Great for bulky items and large loads, the models have a generous capacity starting at 4.0 cu. ft., which can fit up to 15 lb of laundry. Water Level Control offers complete control with the touch of a button, so owners can use as much or as little water needed up to 26 gallons for the perfect clean. Preserve water or fill the tub to achieve a great wash with every cycle, so laundry is effortless and eco-friendly.
  • Adjustability: No need to worry about forgetting to throw in that last pair of socks in the laundry basket — enjoy a stress-free laundry experience with the ability to adjust your load and add in forgotten clothes without being locked out.

For more on the new Cold Plus cycle line, visit the GE website.

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