The QB2-SD Single-Use Precision Micropump from Quattroflow is a game-changer in liquid-handling operations, offering high-precision microdosing for a variety of applications such as cell and gene therapy, laboratory work, and small-scale upstream and downstream processes. This innovative pump operates on the principle of positive displacement with a rotary action, allowing for the gentle transfer of fixed liquid cavities of 25 μl with a maximum flow rate of 2.7 L/hr (0.7 US gph).

Key features of the QB2-SD pump include its lightweight design, high accuracy without the need for additional sensors, high vacuum capabilities and the ability to handle high viscosities. The pump is single-use and can be easily clicked in and out of a motor drive, facilitating quick changeovers, particularly in environments where full personal protective equipment (PPE) is required.

Source: PSG DoverSource: PSG Dover

The QB2-SD pump is gamma irradiated up to 50 kGy, making it suitable for handling biologics like cells, proteins and monoclonal antibodies. It is self-priming, offers bi-directional pumping to avoid drips during filling, and has low hold-up volume to minimize product waste. The pump is also compatible with standard sterilization methods and features USP <88> Class VI certified materials for biocompatibility.

Overall, the QB2-SD Microdosing Pump provides precise dosing, easy installation and operation, compatibility with various fluids, and high repeatability and accuracy. Its compact size, versatility and compatibility with the Quattroflow Q-Drive-Alpha drive device make it an ideal option for laboratories and similar environments requiring high-precision liquid handling.

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