New orebody knowledge tools developed by Veracio promise to improve, automate and digitally transform orebody sciences in exploration, resource definition and production globally.

TruScan 2 incorporates HyperX-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology in a core scanning platform with co-registered data streams from both hyperspectral and XRF scanning supported by enhanced quality assurance/quality control. The versatile scanning capabilities of both chips and core provide scanning data,Source: VeracioSource: Veracio including mineralogical data, to users within 24 hours.

TruProbe offers an integrated app, cloud and stackable hardware solution that combines both rig and downhole sensing technologies. Building upon the foundations set by Veracio’s north-seeking TruGyro, TruProbe “stacks” a robust gamma sensor to enable operators to log both borehole deviation and gamma simultaneously. On the rig, the app connects to an azimuth rig aligner and wireless depth counter. The software in both the handheld app and the cloud drives efficiency and accuracy through a simple, easy-to-use design, while the hardware is integrated with industry-standard running gear for safer, faster operation.

Strata, the company’s cloud technology environment, is being expanded with additions to the Minalyze software offering, including Minalogger. For downhole surveying, the seamless connectivity to the TruProbe app will provide a new way to visualize 3D hole path and empower teams with easy-to-use data access to advance their projects no matter where they are in the world.

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