Innovation and intellectual property (IP) management technology provider Anaqua has finalized a strategic partnership with pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) application infrastructure company AnyGen AI to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions to the IP market, including industry standard large language models (LLMs).

Under the agreement, AnyGen AI will leverage its proprietary AI technology to build IP solutions tailored toSource: AnaquaSource: Anaqua specific use cases for Anaqua clients. The initial focus of the collaboration between Anaqua and AnyGen AI is an auto-classifier specifically designed for patents. This new capability, securely maintained for each client, empowers patent holders to efficiently and consistently classify their patent portfolio, including relevant third-party patents, into their company-specific patent taxonomy. After development and joint testing with a set of anchor clients, the AI Patent Auto-Classifier is now being offered in general release.

The AI Patent Auto-Classifier marks a significant leap forward in Anaqua's commitment to innovation in utilizing AI technology to help clients streamline their IP workflows. By integrating AnyGen AI's solution into Anaqua’s AQX and PATTSY WAVE IPMS platforms and leveraging the AcclaimIPTM patent analytics software and datasets, Anaqua aims to help its clients accelerate R&D, simplify prior art searches, improve competitive analysis and identify new monetization opportunities from their IP.

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