Sensor solution provider HENSOLDT has launched its new product dubbed the Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR).

According to the company, the new CVFDR uses the latest technology with the design focus on highest reliability and weight reduction and is characterized by new features and flexible application, for example higher flexibility as the software is field loadable and readout is possible without the need to power the aircraft.


Following the SferiRec LCR100 for smaller flying platforms, HENSOLDT is now also able to equip medium and large flying platforms with the CVFDR (certified to ED112A). The new device is much smaller in size then previous models, thanks to the compact design the weight is just 6.17 lbs and makes it one of the lightest ED112A combined recorders on the market.

The HENSOLDT SferiRec CVFDR will be EASA ETSO certified.

“The SferiRec CVFDR has a modular architecture in order to store at least 25 hours of audio, data link and flight data on an integrated crash protected memory module,” the company added.

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