Fossil fuel boilers are likely to be destined to the scrap heap in Europe. The European Parliament and European Council have provisionally agreed to phase out fossil-fuel boilers in the next two decades in an effort to boost infrastructure energy efficiency and reach decarbonization goals.

The agreement zero emissions from fossil fuels for all new buildings by 2030, and for all buildings by 2050. The deal will help the European Union to phase-out, in a gradual manner, boilers powered by fossil fuels.Source: Nimur/ShutterstockSource: Nimur/Shutterstock Subsidies for the installation of stand-alone boilers powered by fossil fuels will not be allowed as of January 1, 2025. Member states must also outline specific measures on the phase-out of fossil fuels in heating and cooling with a view to a complete phase-out of boilers powered by fossil fuels by 2040.

The directive will make zero-emission buildings the standard for new buildings. All new residential and non-residential buildings must have zero on-site emissions from fossil fuels, as of January 1, 2028, for publicly owned buildings and as of January 1, 2030, for all other new buildings, with a possibility for specific exemptions.

To further promote decarbonization targets, the European Commission will publish a European Union Heat Pump Action Plan in early 2024.

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