Comau joined Rockwell Automation at its 32nd annual Automation Fair, held November 6 to 9 in Boston, Massachusetts, to highlight the full integration of its high-performance articulated robots and advanced vision systems with Rockwell Automation’s unified robot control platform.

Comau-Rockwell Automation integrated solutions, which were on display by systems integrators and distributors throughout the show, allow companies of all sizes to control one or more robots via their existing PLC environment. This both eliminates the need for a dedicated controller for every robot andSource: ComauSource: Comau allows operators to drive even the most seemingly complex applications with the same PLC running in other parts of the operation.

In tandem, Comau has automated a complex and nonlinear picking process in an open and intuitive way. Visitors at the Comau Booth viewed an automated picking system that autonomously recognizes, locates and grasps randomly placed objects. Leveraging its Racer5 and MI.RA/3D enhanced vision system, Comau’s material handling application can automatically and accurately detect and distinguish between various parts, picking them from anywhere in the cell. These types of advanced industrial robotic systems allow companies faster, simpler access to streamlining their processes, improving their flexibility and minimizing production losses.

Since launching their collaboration in mid-2021, Comau and Rockwell Automation have worked to leverage the power of advanced robotics to increasingly help businesses maximize their manufacturing efficiencies through unified robot control solutions. The seamless integration of Comau’s robots and the PLC lets companies easily design and control their robot lines using a common programming environment. Furthermore, the optimized connectivity achieved due to the perfect synchronization of the robots, processes, workflows and peripherals allows these companies to enjoy increased production rates, faster deployment times, better resource allocation and increased sustainability.

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