At the recently held AGRITECHNICA 2023 that took place in Hanover, Germany, the jury gave the 2024 Best Utility “Tractor of the Year” (TOTY) award to the McCORMICK X5.120 P3-DRIVE tractor, powered by FPT Industrial’s F36 engine.

Source: FPT IndustrialSource: FPT Industrial

The McCormick X5.120 P3-DRIVE powered by a FPT Industrial F36 engine was chosen for its compactness, robustness and versatile features, which make it the ideal utility vehicle for daily use on the farm, as well as for the possibility to be fueled with hydrotreated vegetable oils.

The F36 Stage V represents FPT Industrial’s flexible solution for light and midrange applications above 56 kW (75 hp), delivering high performance and low operating costs with a very compact layout, which is key for agriculture equipment applications in this size. The engine powering the 2024 TOTY is capable of up to 105 kW and 600 Nm and features improved engine hardware including a special turbocharger and optimized piston design.

Stage V emissions requirements compliance is guaranteed by FPT Industrial’s maintenance-free HI-eSCR2 system, optimizing sustainability, efficiency, uptime and ease-of-use. Reduced operating costs come courtesy of oil change intervals of up to 600 hours, and a specific design that allows fuel and oil filters to be installed on the same side of the engine for easier and faster maintenance.

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