An Israel-based manufacturer of electronic warfare systems has introduced a system for countering drones and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Netline Communications Technologies has launched its C-Guard Modular ManPack to counter rising threats from drones, even in areas of conflict.

Image of the portable counter drone and IED device. Source: Netline Communications TechnologiesImage of the portable counter drone and IED device. Source: Netline Communications Technologies

Adding to Netline Communication Technologies’ existing man-portable C-Guard series of threat-countering systems, which has reportedly saved several lives from IEDs, the technology will now feature the ability to counter drone threats.

According to its developers, the C-Guard Modular ManPack is available in seven variants with options that can be modified according to mission.

Further, the modular ManPack features different modules — each of which offer different jamming profiles that can be initiated with a simple switch.

Additionally, each of the modular C-Guard systems is designed for operating in rough environments without the need for periodic maintenance. Several units operating in a region can work together via GPS time synchronization as well as electromagnetic and radio interference capabilities to ensure communication among the units.

At the heart of the C-Guard system is software defined radio (SDR), explained its developers. SDR is a real-time processing engine that reportedly counters frequencies in the 20 MHz to 6,000 MHz range as well as scans transmissions to determine if any of them are a threat, thereby protecting assets and soldiers in high conflict zones.

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