Fiber optic cable and equipment manufacturer AFL expands its splicing family with the Fujikura 45S Fusion Splicer in the North American market. This latest addition brings a transformative approach to fusion splicing with an industry-first dual fiber preparation, along with improved ergonomics and a wide range of new features that meet the growing demands of the fiber optic industry.

“With the launch of the 45S, Fujikura continues to lead the way in innovation with the simultaneous fiber preparation feature,” said Lucas Mays, product line manager for AFL’s Fusion Splicing Systems. “By enablingSource: AFLSource: AFL operators to build out networks faster and more efficiently, the 45S addresses the growing demand for high-speed broadband access.”

Complementing the innovative design of the 45S, the standard kit includes the SS-05, a hand-held fiber coating stripper used to simultaneously strip two 250 μm coated fibers in one pass. Additionally, the Fujikura CT-50 cleaver adapter plate enables the cleaving of two bare fibers at the same time. Once the fibers are prepared for fusion splicing, the 45S patented sheath clamps allow both fibers to be effortlessly inserted into the splicer with one in each hand. This feature eliminates the need to load each fiber individually, further streamlining the splicing process. When paired with a faster tube heater, splicing cycle time is reduced by 30%.

The Fujikura 45S cladding alignment fusion splicer carries forward the proven track record set by the Fujikura 41S+ Fusion Splicer with features like Active Fusion Control and Active Blade Management, which enable consistent production of low-loss splices without user intervention, and Warm Splice Imaging, which provides improved splice loss estimates, compared with other cladding alignment splicers, to assess the quality of every splice more accurately.

Additional features of the Fujikura 45S include:

  • Increased motor travel to reverse fibers initially loaded too long
  • Sheath clamps can open and close with the wind protector
  • New and improved removable work tray and transit case
  • Easy-access battery, screen position adjustments and ergonomic adaptations
  • Fully ruggedized for shock, moisture and dust resistance
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