To address the demands of the latest microwave and mmWave testing, Siglent has reportedly increased the frequency range of its radio frequency (RF) signal generators to 40 GHz.

According to the company, the SSG6000A has a broad frequency range of 100 kHz to 40 GHz, even at high output power levels. While it can function as a local oscillator and clock source, it is also an analogue signal source appropriate for applications in R&D and production.

Source: SiglentSource: Siglent

The high output power of +22 dBm suggests that high power devices can be tested without an external amplifier and the ability to overcome the loss of the test system.

Other characteristics include phase noise of -135 dBc/Hz, low sub harmonic signal components of less than -80 dBc and low broadband noise of -155 dBc. Further, the RF generator can characterize broadband microwave components such as filters and amplifiers while the power stability means it can be used for LO emulation, radar, receiver, ADC/DAC and components testing, explained Siglent.

The standard OCXO reference hardware module within ensures high-precision and high stability signal output. The generator also supports AM and pulse modulation, pulse sequence generator, power meter control and other functions. Pulse modulation on/off ratio is more than 80 dB, and the rise/fall time is less than 15 ns. Pulse train generator has pulse width of 20ns ~ 300s and up to 2047 different pulses. The pulse repetition period can be changed from one to 65,535 to produce a long, customizable pulse train for testing.

In addition to a 5 inch touch screen, keypad and front panel knob operation, it is equipped with two USB ports on the front panel to accommodate memory sticks and USB power sensors. The GUI includes several one-touch features that enable the user to quickly set up measurement parameters including gated and external trigger modes.

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