HC Forklift America Corporation (HCFA), a subsidiary of Hangcha Group, has announced the new XE Series Electric Lithium-Ion Pneumatic Forklift with a 4,000 lb to 7,600 lb capacity. The new XE series of lithium-ion pneumatic forklifts was designed to provide operators with a true lithium-ion alternative to internal combustion pneumatic forklifts. The integrated 80 V lithium-ion forklift features lift speeds, travel speeds, gradeability and ground clearance.

Different applications require different equipment. Hangcha designed the new XE series to complement HCFA’s existing lithium-ion powered forklifts in the 4,000 lb to 7,600 lb load capacity range. By adding the XE series, Hangcha now provides solutions for tight indoor applications, compact indoor/outdoor applications and rugged indoor/outdoor applications with the X series, XC series and the XE Series Electric Lithium-Ion Forklifts respectively.

Source: HCFASource: HCFA

The XE Series Electric Lithium-ion Pneumatic Forklift features an 80 V integrated lithium-ion design. This integrated design provides operators with several key advantages:

  • A larger, more ergonomic operator compartment
  • Maintenance-free battery packs
  • A lower center of gravity
  • Up to 11 hours of runtime depending on battery pack and application
  • Easy-access charge ports
  • Heating elements in the battery pack to ensure optimal performance in cold weather applications
  • Three different battery options for each model to tailor the forklift to the end-user’s application

To learn more, visit the HCFA website or watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of HCFA.

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