SECO and Exein are pleased to announce their joint participation in embedded world China 2023, which takes place in Hall 3, in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC), Shanghai, China, from June 14 to June 16. Visitors stopping by booth A101 will be able to see first-hand Exein’s advanced cybersecurity solutions seamlessly woven into SECO electronic products, elevating them to be among the most secure internet of things (IoT) offerings in the market.

Since the start of their collaboration, SECO and Exein have joined forces to provide customers with advanced on-the-edge artificial intelligence capabilities, able to detect and neutralize cyber-attacks by executing real-time corrective actions while ensuring minimal performance impact and low overhead costs. With this cutting-edge integration, SECO’s customers can benefit from Exein’s advanced cybersecurity technology and have the power to deploy secure and private experiences for their end users.

Beyond experiencing SECO and Exein’s integrated IoT cybersecurity solutions, visitors will also learn more about their respective products and service offerings.

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SECO, as a strategic partner in the digital transformation and IoT evolution of enterprises, will showcase a complete overview of its edge computing platforms, based on x86 and Arm processing architectures from world-class silicon vendors. Boasting vast expertise in computer on module (COM) design and manufacturing, SECO offers multiple standard form-factors, including SMARC, Qseven, COM-HPC and COM Express. The modular approach speeds up product design and simplifies future processing upgrades — easily achievable by replacing the COM incorporated onto an application-specific carrier board. Also leveraging the same state-of-the-art processing technology, single board computer (SBC) platforms from SECO are system-integration ready solutions ideal for industrial applications requiring low design investment and short time-to-market. Finally, SECO’s off-the-shelf human-machine interface (HMI) panel PC product line is the ultimate example of flexibility and modularity, being available with different installation options, display sizes ranging from 5.0 inches up to 21.5 inches, and multiple operating system support. Exclusively for embedded world China visitors, a preview of the new Modular Vision line of HMI solutions will also be available.

Exein is a leader in embedded cybersecurity for IoT devices. Its technology — based on the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence — performs real-time analysis of device behavior, identifying anomalies that may indicate security threats. Exein’s solutions are embedded within the product’s operating system at the time of development, require low overhead that avoids device performance degradation, and autonomously adapt to changing threats. During the demo, visitors can observe how the Exein Runtime agent, powered by the underlying Exein Pulsar security framework, leverages the Linux kernel’s eBPF technology to immediately detect and block these attacks. The demonstration will showcase the ability of Exein's solutions to provide real-time protection against a range of cyber threats, ensuring the security of embedded devices and the privacy of sensitive data.

“With Exein, we share the understanding of how important IoT cybersecurity is and the commitment to making it at the core of our strategy. That is why we have joined forces to integrate our know-how and give our customers secure-by-design solutions that create a new paradigm within the IoT space,” said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.

"Exein's solutions have been integrated into all SECO products, creating the most advanced and secure IoT offerings on the market. This collaboration emphasizes SECO's commitment to offering secure solutions right from the start in an environment that is constantly evolving," echoed Gianni Cuozzo, CEO at Exein.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the latest developments in IoT cybersecurity and see how SECO and Exein are working together to bring innovative solutions to the market. Be sure to stop by booth A101 at the embedded world China trade fair to learn more.

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