Motus Labs is introducing and showcasing the ML2000 robotic gear series at Automate 2023, the nation’s largest automation conference, hosted in Detroit, Michigan, May 22-25, 2023.

Unlike any existing design on the market today, the patent-pending Orbital Flex Design (OFD) boasts zero backlash, high torque density, linear torsional stiffness and a cross roller output bearing, enabling new and emerging use cases within the robotics and motion control sectors.

The ML2000 and its OFD was created by Motus Labs engineers to fulfill unique needs within the robotic gears market. To increase precision within the gear, zero backlash became one of the highest priorities forSource: Motus LabsSource: Motus Labs OFD performance. In addition to offering zero backlash, Motus Labs sought to develop a gear series with an increased torque density. While these two features alone were enough to move the innovation needle, Motus Labs also shifted the gear failure point and material options to extend life and promote versatility.

The unique approach of the OFD allows Motus Labs to offer a better performing, simpler gear solution design, while also utilizing existing components and machine elements. This gear motion technology allows for better speed, control and precision, all while offering material flexibility. Designed as maintenance free, the ML2000 offers a robust price-performance lifecycle.

The design of the OFD is centered around a solid, rigid, preloaded cup, orbiting within a ring gear to produce a zero-backlash effect. To offset the preload on the cup, a compliance flexure is used to smooth the output, thus generating torque and linear torsional stiffness. The rigidity of the cup is what allows for its versatility in materials.

Motus Labs will showcase the ML2000 gear series built using OFD at Automate 2023 (Booth 4407).

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