Volvo Trucks has introduced its first fully electric heavy-duty concrete mixer truck.

The Volvo FMX electric four-axle mixer truck, which is the company’s first electric asphalt compactor, can reportedly run for a full workday if it gets a top-up charge during a regular break.

Source: Volvo TrucksSource: Volvo Trucks

According to the company, the concrete mixer is powered by two electric motors of 330 kW and the motors are powered by four batteries of 360 kWh. Further, the hydraulic mixer body receives its power from a traction battery. The cement mixer’s superstructure is 11.8 cubic yards.

Volvo claims that it has been previously challenging to electrify concrete trucks due to their “heavy loads and continuous mixing demands.” However, Volvo suggests that the challenge is worthwhile for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions.

“Our electric trucks are zero emissions, and their silent operation also provide a better environment for people working at construction sites, as well as for residents living nearby,” said Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks.

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