Industry is constantly evolving, and the Hannover Messe trade fair has long been renowned as an important meeting place for industry professionals to discuss the latest technology and trends. This April, the Hannover Messe will once again showcase some of the noteworthy advancements that are shaping Europe's industry landscape both today and in years to come.

From digital solutions such as virtual reality (VR) applications to cutting-edge 3D printing technologies, attendees can expect technological innovations from a wide range of sectors at this year's event. Whether professionals are looking to stay up-to-date with current industrial developments or gain insight into the potential opportunities which arise in an ever-changing technological world – this event is not one to miss!

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What is Hannover Messe?

Hannover Messe is a trade fair held in Hannover, Germany. It is one of the world's largest industrial technology events and brings together all aspects of manufacturing, industry and services, from automation to energy management.

The event focuses on technology-driven innovative solutions that enable companies to be successful in their respective markets – from the latest trends in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to the circular economy and digital transformation. In addition, Hannover Messe offers numerous networking opportunities for participants to make valuable contacts with potential customers, partners or suppliers as well as discuss current developments in major industries.

The annual Hannover Messe attracts numerous industry leaders from all over the world who come together to discuss their current challenges and future strategies. The exhibition also serves as a platform for government policies, helping to shape the current and future of manufacturing throughout Europe and beyond. Additionally, the event hosts several conferences on topics related to industrialization such as Industry 4.0, smart factories or automation solutions.

Originally founded as an agricultural fair, today's Hannover Messe has grown to be a comprehensive event featuring five separate trade fairs: Integrated Automation, Energy, Digital Factory, Motion & Drives and Research & Technology. Each major segment of industrial production and technology is represented at the event.

Integrated automation

Integrated automation at Hannover Messe is an important topic of discussion. This technology has been used for years in industrial settings and is a form of “total” system integration, meaning that all the systems in a facility are interconnected and can work together to maximize efficiency. Automation allows businesses to streamline processes, save time, reduce labor costs, and improve product quality by combining manual labor with automated technology.

At Hannover Messe, companies across many different industries have come together to discuss the latest advances in integrated automation capabilities and how they can be utilized to help businesses achieve their goals. Topics discussed include manufacturing process improvements, predictive maintenance solutions, big data analytics tools, robotics integration strategies and more.


With a large range of products and services related to energy production and storage, the exhibition is a great opportunity for businesses, professionals and academics to get insights into the latest technologies in this field.

The exhibitors showcase their best practices, ideas and projects on topics such as renewable energies, emission reduction measures, modern utility grids, smart city solutions as well as intelligent power management systems. In addition to these topics related to energy generation and storage there are also discussions about ways of using innovative technologies like blockchain in order to make energy supply more efficient.

Digital Factory

The Digital Factory at Hannover Messe is a platform for industry leaders and innovators to explore the latest developments in digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies. It provides visitors with an opportunity to understand and experience the importance of digitizing their production processes for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Participants can connect, network, and discuss solutions with experts from leading companies such as Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Bosch, TRUMPF, ABB, Festo, Schneider Electric, and many more. The event also features keynotes by renowned industry professionals on topics such as automation strategies for success in the age of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Motion and drives

At this event, manufacturers present new developments in electric motors, gearboxes, and other components for automated systems. This year’s exhibition will cover key topics such as electromobility, software solutions, and predictive maintenance.

Visitors can explore advanced machinery solutions that are tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The exhibit hall showcases the latest products related to power transmission and linear motion technologies, including new tools for the optimization of mechanical structures such as gearbox design systems and motors, controllers and drives.

Research and technology

At Hannover Messe, visitors can explore cutting edge research and development in a variety of areas including robotics, AI, additive manufacturing (3D printing), smart sensors and more. Every year, manufacturers showcase their latest products on the show floor as well as demonstrate how these technologies can be used to improve productivity, efficiency and safety in factories across the globe.

One of the key research areas at Hannover Messe is “Connectivity and Climate Neutrality” where experts discuss the importance of digitalization for sustainable industrial production. Digitalization has made it possible for companies to optimize their processes and reduce energy consumption, leading to an overall decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, increased connectivity enables manufacturers to exploit advanced analytics tools that can provide real-time insights into their production, making it possible to get a better understanding of energy consumption and emissions.

Attend Hannover Messe to experience the future of industry

From increased connectivity and sustainability solutions for climate neutrality, to intelligent automation and digital transformation, it’s clear that the industrial world is on a journey of technological advancement. Visitors can explore these opportunities and gain valuable insights from leading experts across all areas of industry. They will also have the chance to network with international executives, get hands-on with innovative technology, discuss ideas in interactive discussions, witness product launches and more.