Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions has introduced the Fortress crash-survivable cockpit recorder which features 25-hour cockpit voice and data recording and data acquisition.

The unit also features a recorder-independent power supply and a quick-access recorder packaged in a compact and lightweight unit.

Source: Curtiss-WrightSource: Curtiss-Wright

The Fortress cockpit voice and data recorder is intended for defense and commercial aviation applications.

The 200-hour SD card-based integrated recorder eliminates the need for a separate unit, saving system power, weight and cost while simultaneously increasing system reliability. The recorder function supports flight data recording that transfers data to a ground station for analysis.

The recorder also contains user-configurable data acquisition and is designed for flight data monitoring applications like incident event investigation, crash investigation, structural loads analysis and safety initiatives. It also is for integrating contemporary flight data recording capabilities onto aircraft where none currently exists.

According to its developers, the Fortress recorder provides an easily configurable aircraft recorder interface that ports across several different aircraft.

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