A former maker of kimonos — traditional Japanese garments and the national dress of Japan — is now manufacturing fabric for countering electronic warfare (EW) energy.

Japan-based Mitsufuji Corp. is reportedly manufacturing materials composed of electro-magnetic shielding fabric. This material, according to its developers, can be turned into products like tents, for instance, that protect military electronics from being destroyed by an energy pulse or probed in a cyber-attack.

Source: Mitsufuji Corp.Source: Mitsufuji Corp.

The fabric, which is also waterproof and flame resistant, is composed of silver-coated thread, which curbs electro-magnetic energy. As such, the fabric can also reportedly be sewn into clothing or incorporated into products such as bands for smartwatches, according to its makers.

The so-called anti-EW fabric can also be used for tracking soldier’s vital signs and transmitting that data to a cloud-based app, for instance.

In addition to tracking the health of soldiers, the material could also be used by those in the healthcare field or in wearable devices worn by athletes.

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