Building intelligence and energy management company Ctrl+e has unveiled its transformative solution to one of the largest costs and environmental challenges commercial building owners face today: energy waste.

Ctrl+e’s revolutionary building intelligence and energy management platform modernizes the legacy infrastructure of any commercial building and unlocks massive savings. By providing real-time visibility and control over a building’s devices and energy consumption, the platform empowers building owners to effortlessly adapt and optimize energy usage, reduce building expenses, eliminate carbon emissions and Source: Ctrl+eSource: Ctrl+eunlock meaningful insights into any building’s health and safety.

“Today’s commercial buildings generate troves of untapped data just waiting to be utilized. It’s a massive opportunity for building owners to reduce costs and unlock tax incentives and rebates, all while supporting a greener future,” said Charles Wolofsky, co-founder and CEO of Ctrl+e. “By taking control of energy, we control costs.”

On average, commercial buildings waste 30% or more of the energy they consume, incurring significant costs to property owners. Existing solutions are too expensive for buildings under 50,000 sq. ft. — which account for more than 90% of all commercial buildings in the U.S.

“By enacting Local Law 97, New York City is among the first municipalities to mandate energy conservation and carbon emission reductions by building owners, and we expect this trend to grow nationwide,” added Wolofsky. “This law heavily penalizes and fines building owners for emissions above a set threshold, compelling them to adopt energy efficient solutions.”

Ctrl+e’s solutions are more affordable, simple to integrate and provide immediate savings to building owners. Using powerful wireless internet of things, cloud-based and artificial intelligence-driven technology, Ctrl+e’s platform can improve building health and the energy consumption of HVAC, water and boiler systems; lighting; on-site fuel cells; electrical grid power; and solar panels. In addition, Ctrl+e enables buildings to become grid interactive and become eligible to participate in demand-response incentive programs.

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