A so-called “RobotLawyer” is preparing to represent a defendant in an upcoming U.S. court case.

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based program developed by the firm DoNotPay will help a defendant contest a speeding ticket in a U.S. court, thereby avoiding the high legal fees of human lawyers hired to take on such cases.

To defend its client, the RobotLawyer, which was trained on data from past cases, will offer defendants a means to fight his or her case using a smartphone app that supplies appropriate responses for contesting a speeding ticket.

Calling the case of AI instructing the defendants about how to respond to their assigned judges a likely first of its kind, DoNotPay also suggests that its RobotLawyer could potentially be used in the future to contest parking tickets or help individuals fight against large organizations for acts including applying wrong fees or persistent robocalling, for instance.

The court case is slated for February 2023.

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