The new 3E series in-line close-coupled centrifugal pumps from Ebara have been designed for superior performance and energy savings. The pumps are equipped with cast iron casing and available with two or four pole motors as well as integrated E-SPD+ frequency converter (in the 3E-K model). The new pumps are suitable for handling liquids in circulation, heating and air conditioning systems in civil and industrial environments.

The 3E series pumps are versatile, silent and feature a robust design. In addition, the back pull-out design of the pumps allows for easy maintenance and reduced downtime. All 3E Series pumps are equipped with IE2/IE3 motors as standard, while IE4 and IE5 premium efficiency motors are available as an option for the stub shaft version (3ES).

Source: Ebara EuropeSource: Ebara Europe

Each model within the series satisfies a wide range of requirements for industrial applications. The 3E model features close-coupled construction with the impeller directly splined to the motor shaft while the 3ES model offers a close-coupled construction connection of the pump with standard motor with the impeller splined to the motor by a rigid coupling.

The 3E-K version is equipped as standard with Ebara’s new air-cooled E-SPD+ frequency converter, installed on board the terminal box. E-SPD+ can adapt the speed continuously to any working point in order to optimize performance and energy consumption according to the system’s requirements.

Various mechanical seal material options are available with the new 3E series, covering a very large temperature range, to meet the needs of heavy-duty applications. In addition, an AISI 304 (EN 1.4401) stainless steel casing cover comes as standard for all models to ensure the liquid is never in contact with the motor.

Additional design features include Ebara’s rotating “Air-Vent” baffle, a new component that improves air ventilation and always keeps the seal lubricated. A stainless-steel impeller with superior hydraulic design is also available in all models. The pump body of 3E Series is designed for an extended service life thanks to its robust structure and the special treatment (CED coating) of the pump surface, which prevents rust and corrosion.

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