New Holland Agriculture unveiled the new T7 methane power liquified natural gas (LNG) pre-production prototype tractor at the CNH Industrial Tech Day event, held in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 7th and 8th, 2022. This is the world’s first LNG tractor powered by FPT Industrial’s N67 NG engine, marking another step in FPT Industrial’s decarbonization path for agriculture.

The T7 methane power LNG was developed to offer both an economic and ecological alternative to environmentally conscious farmers looking for high-horsepower tractors, which offer excellent performance, lower emissions and reduced operating costs. In addition, since LNG allows for greater storage density compared to compressed natural gas, it increases run time without the need for additional tanks, ensuring overall farm sustainability.

The New Holland T7 tractor harnesses all the experience and expertise of FPT Industrial, the world’s leading producer of low environmental impact engines. FPT Industrial is promoting the introduction of natural gas technology in off-road segment applications with customized engine solutions for installation on agricultural equipment.

Source: FPT IndustrialSource: FPT Industrial

The heart of this sustainable tractor technology is the N67 NG engine, a clean energy solution specifically designed for open-field tractors.

Delivering the same performance as its diesel equivalent in terms of power, torque, durability and maintenance intervals, the N67 NG ensures diesel-like drivability for an unchanged customer experience while reducing the carbon footprint of farming operations.

The N67 NG engine powering the New Holland T7 methane power LNG can run on liquified biomethane sourced from livestock manure and slurry, allowing for carbon-negative operation and enabling circular ecosystems in agriculture.

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