Two companies are joining forces to develop a long range gun detection platform featuring their respective technologies.

Evolon Technology Inc., a provider of accurate perimeter security software technology for critical infrastructure protection, and ZeroEyes, a maker of artificial intelligence (AI) gun detection software that integrates into existing security cameras and mitigates mass shootings and gun-related violence, aim to combine their respective technologies to create systems that detect and track individuals carrying guns from more than a football field away.

The companies will combine Evolon’s long distance object detection technology and ZeroEyes’ long range gun detection.

The technology, according to the companies, is expected to give users more lead time during gun-related threats at public spaces such as schools, shopping malls or casinos for instance. Earlier detection is expected to give users of the technology more time to lock down a building, sound alarms and notify authorities, thereby saving lives.

"Current events point to the need for a partnership like ours," explained Kevin Stadler, Evolon's president and CEO. "Fundamentally, we recognize that the sooner you can see a threat, the sooner you can neutralize it. This partnership serves as an opportunity to leverage the very best in analytics and AI technology to foster a smarter and safer environment for everyone, particularly in places where public safety is paramount."

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