Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and warehouse solutions provider ForwardX Robotics has developed a fully autonomous forklift for warehouse applications.

The fully autonomous Apex 1400-L forklift can reportedly perform warehouse tasks associated with shipping, receiving, put away, replenishment and raw material movement, among others.

Source: ForwardX RoboticsSource: ForwardX Robotics

The Apex 1400-L forklift features several sensors, a 3D camera, lidar, and 360° obstacle detection and avoidance.

With a payload of roughly 3,086 lb and the ability to travel at speeds up to 2.68 mph, the Apex 1400-L forklift is expected to increase warehouse efficiency and employee safety while also reducing costs.

For more on the Apex 1400-L forklift, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of ForwardX Robotics.

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