Grenova, the laboratory industry's sole patented technology for washing and reusing plastic products, got the 2022 Sustainable Product of the Year Award at the Lab Innovations Conference in Birmingham, UK. Furthermore, Grenova was recently named a finalist by SelectScience for their award honoring influence on sustainability in life sciences, as well as by SAMPS for Grenova's exceptional employees who are dedicated to sustainability.

The 10th Annual Lab Innovations Conference honors creativity and sustainability. Lab Innovations, one of the UK's major industry events, attracts a diverse spectrum of lab workers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Lab professionals from many industries visit the event to learn about sustainable lab projects, obtain cutting-edge technology, and discover innovative ways to future-proof labs.

Grenova was also recognized a finalist for the prestigious Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year as part of SelectScience's Scientists' Choice Awards in the decreasing consumables and reagents category. The annual Scientists' Choice Awards honor the top technological advances in the industry and allow scientists and lab professionals to acknowledge the tools, assays, consumables and solutions that have had the greatest impact on their work. Nominations and voting are open to top scientists and clinical experts worldwide. Voting for the Scientists' Choice Awards is now open.

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