Canadian research organization Innotech Alberta is seeking to develop material alternatives to cement products used to reduce natural gas leaks and emissions and expedite well closure and reclamation processes.

Considering the number of global inactive oil and gas wells, which are a significant source of methane emissions, Innotech Alberta is exploring the possible use of over 50 different products that may one day successfully shut off wells or fix leaking well bores.

These 50 products feature a range of materials including resins and geopolymers that can work in the corrosive oil and gas production environment to reduce natural gas leaks and help to accelerate well closures and reclamation processes.

Currently, cement is used for such tasks, but that material is problematic due to its tendency to crack or become porous overtime. As such, the researchers are preparing to test their range of products to determine which technologies work to help prevent leaks.

Researchers detail the project in the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Innotech Alberta.

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