A sensor and data analytics platform is being tested by National Grid to help upgrade and expand the transmission capacity of overhead power lines in the U.K.

Non-contact overhead power line monitoring systems featuring sensors and dynamic line rating (DLR) technology supplied by LineVision are being installed on a 275 kV circuit in northwestern England to increase its power carrying limit. Unlike static line ratings used to date, the dynamic line ratings determine capacitySource: LineVisionSource: LineVision limits by combining real-time conductor properties and forecasted weather conditions, allowing for more informed grid operations and increasing operational limits.

National Grid contends the new technology could unlock 0.6 GW of additional capacity annually. By increasing capacity and allowing more renewable power to flow, this technology could also reduce constraint payments paid to generators by electricity system operators to stop producing power and prevent overloading the transmission system.

The two-year U.K. trial of the grid-enhancing technology follows a similar deployment on National Grid’s networks in New York and Massachusetts.

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