FPT Industrial’s multi-energy approach toward sustainable on-road propulsion was revealed at IAA Transportation, the world’s leading trade show for the transportation industry as well as the most important platform for innovations and technologies in the transport market, held in Hannover, Germany, September 19 to September 25, 2022.

Internal combustion engine area: The journey goes on

This section of stand 34 in Hall 21 showcased a full line of internal combustion engines, from light to heavy applications. This means that FPT Industrial continues to believe and invest in internal combustion engines through range extensions and continuous improvement, state-of-the-art technologies and competitive solutions, all designed to meet new customer requirements. This course of action implies a sustainable and focused approach, where FPT Industrial’s leadership and know-how in natural gas for on-road applications will be a springboard to realizing a technology transfer to meet the net-zero carbon emissions goal.

New XC13: The concept takes shape

The brand’s new XC13, unveiled at IAA 2022, represents the embodiment of the Cursor X concept — the multi-energy, modular, multi-application and mindful engine. Unmistakable with the flaming red X imprinted on the engine head, the XC13 is FPT Industrial’s first multi-fuel single base engine. From diesel to natural gas — including biomethane — hydrogen, and renewable fuels, the base engine has been designed with multiple versions to offer maximum component standardization and easy integration into the final product.

Source: FPT IndustrialSource: FPT Industrial

The XC13 is immediately compatible with a range of different market requirements and emission regulations, with limited impact on vehicle installation. The engine positions itself as a primary contributor to achieving short- and mid-term fleet carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions targets. A major step in the internal combustion engine decarbonization path, the XC13 guarantees lower emissions, together with world-beating performance.

The diesel version delivers best-in-class performance up to 600 hp and 2,850 Nm, resulting in +5% power and 14% torque compared to the current Cursor 13 model. The methane version delivers up to 520 hp and 2,500 Nm resulting in +13% power and +25% torque compared to the current Cursor 13 Natural Gas. CO2 emissions reductions stand at 9% for the diesel unit and 10% for the methane model, but the latter can achieve net-zero CO2 emissions when fueled by biomethane. The natural gas version offers diesel-like performance. Designed for the future, and for future emissions challenges, the XC13 will be ready for Euro VII with simple upgrades.

Braking power also achieves best-in-class performance, with a +29% increase on the diesel version (up to 530 kW at 2,300 rpm) and a stunning +300% on the methane model (up to 245 kW at 2,300 rpm). Last but not least, both versions are significantly lighter: -10% (100 kg) for diesel and -10% (80 kg) for the methane model. This weight reduction is achieved thanks to the compacted graphite iron casting for the cylinder head and block, reducing wall thickness while improving thermo-mechanical strength.

In short, this revolutionary and ultra-versatile engine has all it takes to be a serious contributor in the sustainable transport sector. Economic and environmental sustainability is improved by enhanced combustion efficiency, thanks to a new fuel injection system and higher peak cylinder pressure, reduced friction, down speeding and new divided-flow turbo — a unique concept for the diesel version — smart auxiliary equipment management, and by FPT Industrial’s proprietary software for integrated combustion and ATS control.

E-powertrain area: Zero emissions solutions now

In this area, FPT Industrial clarified its current and future position as zero emissions solution provider with primary focus on e-axles, central drive, modular battery packs and battery management systems. This position will be achieved with the intervention of two different yet connected factors. Firstly, the imminent opening of the new ePlant for ePowertrain production, as well as continuing to create disruptive solutions, through its DNA as a game changer and an open innovation approach, acting with an agile mindset and also partnering with smaller companies in the electric mobility sector. Through this approach, FPT Industrial aims to become a fully fledged ePowertrain system manufacturer.

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