SPM Oil & Gas Dubai, an upstream provider of pressure pumping and pressure control equipment and services, recently revealed its new KOP AM20 Series Gate Valves. The KOP AM20 Series Gate Valve significantly reduces non-productive time (NPT) and the risk of catastrophic well loss while requiring less maintenance and lower inventory costs.

From drilling and completion to pumping and production, these valves allow and shut-in flow for every operation of the wellhead, tree system and choke and kill manifolds. The KOP AM20 Series delivers unparalleled safety by ensuring a gas-tight seal from pressures as high as 10,000 psi to as low as 50 psi. The tungsten carbide hard facing protects against wear and ensures superior corrosion resistance, while advanced coating technology on the sealing mechanism also delivers high wear and corrosion resistance as well as lower operating torque.

Source: SPM Oil & GasSource: SPM Oil & Gas

The KOP AM20 Series also meets stringent requirements and is qualified for API 6A Annex PR2F, API 6FA fire test, API 6AV1 sand slurry test, extended low gas pressure hold test, endurance cycle test and sea water corrosion test. The actuated surface safety valves are one of the industry’s few that meet API 6A Annex F PR2F, API 6FA and API 6AV1 specifications.

The SPM AM20 Series features a smaller and lighter design for greater cost savings, while its standardized components allow for interchangeability between valve sizes, pressure ratings and manual and actuated gate valves, thus minimizing costs and downtime. The valves can withstands harsh conditions for more than 600 endurance cycles (representing a 60-year lifespan) without grease injection.

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