Ogura has developed a new line of small brakes for robotics and medical equipment applications. The MCNB-HS series power-off spring applied brakes have oversized bores to allow wires to pass through the shaft’s hollow bore. They accommodate encoders, cables, hoses, shafts and tools. The ratio of the brake’s field core diameter to outer diameter is leading the industry.

Internal designs allow for reduced backlash, high cycling, long life, optimized torque per size, thin profile, low weight, limited drag, low heat generation and low power requirements. Reduced backlash is important for precision and accuracy. Special attention is given to supply stable performance and response duringSource: OguraSource: Ogura total life for high cycle applications. Torque is optimized to provide a smaller package size and lower weight. The thin profiles give an advantage where space constraints are tight. Low power requirements reduce energy consumption and limit heat generation.

Standard sizes are available from 2.0 Nm to 4.0 Nm static torque. The design is scalable, so other torque ranges can be available upon request. Brakes are rated for static torque but can deliver dynamic stopping as well, and are bi-directional in operation. Field core diameters are 38 mm to 54 mm, with a bore to OD ratio of 56%. Standard hub diameters are 33 mm to 48 mm and standard length is 23 mm to 27 mm. Special designs can be considered. Coils are 12 V DC and actuation involves over-excitation with 24 V DC during brake disengagement. Diodes can be used to collapse the magnetic flux quicker during brake engagement. Ogura is supporting robotic and medical applications for today and tomorrow with continuous development of products and solutions.

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