A consortium of companies tasked with developing technology for the U.K.’s future Tempest fighter jet is working to develop a “mind-reading” helmet for pilots.

As part of the Future Combat Air System program currently underway in the U.K., a consortium — including BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Leonardo and MBDA — is developing an AI system that can step in when a pilot is overwhelmed or not in control.

Source: BAE SystemsSource: BAE Systems

The pilot’s helmet, according to its developers, will be outfitted with sensors that track the pilot’s brain signals and medical data during a flight. With each subsequent flight, the AI will cull more and more biometric and psychometric data and store it in a database that can be used to map out the pilot's distinctive characteristics.

The developers of the technology envision that the AI would take over control of a flight in the event a pilot loses consciousness.

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