Utility, a technology company that creates digital systems for frontline professions, has introduced Helios by Utility, a central evidence management platform that gives prosecuting attorneys the ability to organize digital evidence from multiple agencies and disparate systems into one, unified view.

Helios is reportedly the only software as a service (SaaS)-based digital evidence management system that is agnostic to partnering law enforcement agencies' evidence management technology hardware providers, saving them time in trial preparation and ever-mounting clerical time.

Source: UtilitySource: Utility

The safe and secure Helios platform is the next step in Utility's focus on providing transparency by offering a universe of products and operating systems that facilitate policy-based, high-speed data collection. This new technology takes data management a step further by providing a standard based application programming interface (API) that can be used to interface with any external and existing systems, including other third-party body-worn camera and in-car camera footage.

In other words, this technology gives attorneys the ability to quickly and efficiently upload and automatically ingest data from all agencies relevant to a case, regardless of that agency's evidence management technology provider. In addition, the data unification and management technology offers one place to:

  • Manage digital media evidence: Capabilities include media playback, media conversion and case management
  • Prepare digital media evidence for court: Opportunity to leverage AI-based video and audio redaction along with robust transcription and translation tools supported by AWS
  • Guarantee evidence is safe and secure: Ensures a secure chain of custody for all evidence with a complete audit trail of all files

"After working hand-in-hand with our law enforcement agency customers, we found that the primary end users of digital evidence collected by law enforcement are those within the justice system, and most specifically prosecutors," said Simon Araya, CTO of Utility. "Understanding that Utility's technologies captured more than 4 petabytes of data in 2021, it became clear that developing a solution for attorneys to manage the volume of disparate digital evidence they were receiving into one universal view was imperative to streamline the evidence management workflow, and in turn, further speed and transparency within the legal process."

This latest technology expands upon Utility's universe of products and operating systems, which supports more than 50,000 users with an intuitive platform for effectively capturing, managing and releasing video evidence. Eos by Utility, the company's body-worn camera, and the Rocket by Utility in-car video system incorporate real-time communications, policy-based automatic recording functionality and real-time GPS positioning to create the best situational awareness possible during critical times. Additionally, Polaris by Utility, the cloud-based digital evidence management solution allows users to securely store captured evidence.

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