Upstream provider of pressure pumping and pressure control equipment and services SPM Oil & Gas is enhancing the hydraulic fracturing process with its new, more streamlined SPM Simplified Frac Iron System. The Simplified Frac Iron System reportedly transforms the typically disjointed process inherent with conventional ground iron.

Traditional frac operations involve hundreds of moving parts and small-bore iron strings to manage extremely high pressures. Such a complex arrangement creates substantial nonproductive time (NPT) due to lengthy set up, assembly and connection requirements. Additionally, every connection represents a potential leak path and must be checked continuously.

Source: SPM Oil & GasSource: SPM Oil & Gas

The newly enhanced SPM Simplified Frac Iron System reduces the footprint and amount of iron required for fracking operations, thereby increasing frac site operational efficiency. This results in fewer lines, connections and components, fewer potential leak paths and less NPT.

A single large-bore inlet connects to the zipper manifold, replacing the multiple tie-in lines on a conventional frac tree. This creates fewer turns and connections, which decreases rig up time, labor costs, fluid turbulence, potential leak paths and safety hazards. For the first time, fastener redundancy components are preassembled on modular skids to accommodate a variety of site configurations. According to the company, 7 inch isolation and directional valves offer predictable and repeatable high-pressure control.

Multiple configurations are available, including four-station skids, six-station skids and 12-station trailers, enabling customers to configure or customize the system to meet their requirements. These variations allow users to move skids around with each rig-up to balance wear across assets.

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