The newly designed Warman WBH pump showcases the latest wear reduction technology providing unparalleled energy savings and extended service life. With a wide variety of impellers and shaft seals available, the revamped WBH provides a perfect fit for a wide range of applications. The pump is designed to provide excellent wear life while maintaining efficiency through the optional 'one point adjustment' feature during the wear cycle, delivering the best total operating cost.

With the patented Wear Reduction Technology (WRT) integrated into the Warman WBH pump, handling of even the most difficult slurries is enhanced. The low-flow gland seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal options on the WBH pump mean there is less dilution of the slurry and lower required flow of gland water.

Source: WeirSource: Weir

The WBH pump features an optional 'single-point adjustment' device that allows operators to both rotate and axially move the throatbush to minimize front impeller gap thus reducing wear, maintaining performance and optimizing power consumption. Adjustments can be made while the pump is running, therefore eliminating the need to stop production.

The WBH pump has been specifically designed for enhanced maintenance, efficiency and operational savings with a revolutionary patented one-piece frame ensuring correct alignment of bearings, seal and impeller to throatbush; as well as easy access for impeller adjustments.

The large capacity bearings can withstand high loads including thrust while still providing long bearing life. In addition, commercial labyrinth-style bearing end cover seals provide extra protection and durability while encapsulated rubber liners offer longer life and prevent liner extrusion or blow-out.

The WBH pump also showcases some notable safety features including a high-pressure rating and zero risk of projectiles from worn volutes encased in a pressure-containing outer casing. Safe seal guards do not need to be removed to adjust the gland seal, protecting fingers and hands from rotating parts. Leak detection comes as standard with the WBH and optional pump health monitoring is available through Synertrex digital technology. Optional pressure relief and thermal cut-out features are also available along with other enhanced safety features.

The newly designed WBH slurry pump is suitable for a wide range of applications including mill discharge, process pumping, low pressure tailings, slurry transportation, tailings management, wet sand pumping and more.

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