Saelig Company Inc. has introduced its new Siglent SHS-X handheld two-channel digital oscilloscopes, which are available in 100 MHz and 200 MHz analog bandwidths and isolated or non-isolated versions, with 1 GSa/s sample rate and 12 Mpts memory depth. The SHS800X versions have two non-isolated scope channels and one isolated multimeter channel, while the SHS1000X models feature full isolation: between the two oscilloscope channels, the multimeter channel, the power adapter and the USB host/device port. The maximum analog voltage input for the isolated SHS1000X channels is CATIII 600 Vrms, CATII 1000 Vrms. For all SHS-X models the maximum input for the multimeter channel is CATIII 600 Vrms, CATII 1,000 Vrms.

Based on Siglent’s previous SHS portable scopes, the new -X series adds increased memory depth, a faster waveform capture rate of 100,000 wfm/s, timebase down to 1 ns/div, enhanced triggering choices (Edge, Slope, Pulse Width, Window, Runt, Interval, Dropout, Pattern, Video), serial trigger decoding (I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN), improved FFT precision and waveform recording of up to 50 MB internal or 2 GB external. The user-friendly front panel design allows quick access to most of the commonly used scope functions. The SHS810X is the 100 MHz version and the SHS820X is the 200 MHz version of non-isolated scopes, while the SHS1102X is the 100 MHz version and the SHS1202X is the 200 MHz version of fully-isolated version.

Source: Saelig Company, Inc.Source: Saelig Company, Inc.

One of the great advantages of a portable oscilloscope is its ability to make safe, floating, non-ground-referenced measurements. Inputs can safely be connected to a circuit under investigation without regard to polarity, as long as voltage and current limitations are observed. Full isolation also reduces the risk of accidental short-circuit equipment damage.

Designed and manufactured by leading test instrument company Siglent Technologies, the SHS-X Series of portable oscilloscopes offer benchtop specs, are compact (10.25 inches x 6.43 inches x 2.1 inches) and lightweight (3.3 lb), and are available now from their technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc.

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